How can you make your hospitality budget work harder for less?

It shouldn’t really need a time of austerity and general financial belt tightening to make sure that budgets are being allocated to their best effect and this is certainly true when it comes to hospitality and entertaining.

Many companies have traditionally invited guests to the high profile events throughout the English ‘Season’ and been quite happy to spend up to  £ 1k per person on a package at Ladies day during Royal Ascot or even three time that much to watch the Men’s finals at Wimbledon. Would your clients think badly of you if you invited them to Ascot during July or the AEGON Championships at Queens Club just before Wimbledon or would they think that you are a company that spends their money wisely?

Ascot race course has meetings throughout the year, not just a few days during June. The meetings always attracts a very good standard of racing, either flat or ‘over the jumps’, and all the top jockeys are regulars. For the cost of that one person at Ladies Day you could invite four guests to most other meetings for a day that will include champagne, a good lunch, afternoon tea and a full complimentary bar.  A what about the private boxes, during Royal Week a box for up to 18 people costs around £ 12k, out of Royal Week costs from just £1,500. Doesn’t that sound like a better use of your budget?

Ah South West London in June, The tennis, The Pimms, the Strawberries….and the PRICES! Wimbledon always has been and always will be one of the sporting highlights and may people that go or are invited are blissfully unaware that a couple of weeks before the championships start, they could see all the male stars at the AEGON championships at Queens Club in London with full hospitality starting at around £ 495.00, a fraction of the cost of a day at Wimbledon,  just another way to offer good hospitality, great sport at prices that make sense.

If you have not previously had the budget to spend on hospitality or your budget has been reduced, then there are many other events that can be enjoyed during the summer, that doesn’t have to cost a King’s ransom and will enable you to get close to your clients. Had you ever thought of entertaining at a quintessentially English garden party? Oh and by the way, you are in a beautifully appointed lounge by the side of the river Thames in Oxfordshire. What event is this? Henley Royal Regatta of course; Champagne, canapés, a delicious luncheon and full afternoon tea are provided by one of London’s top society caterers and we will also arrange for you to watch the Rowing action on the river in a private launch, whilst you drift along in the warm sunshine sipping a glass of chilled champagne. The cost of this wonderful day starts at under £ 250.00 per person.

Just a few ideas to start, so would you like to see how we can help you stretch that budget further without compromising on quality? It just takes a little imagination.