Escape the Big Smoke and see a different kind of smoke!

Go clay pigeon shooting on the River Thames

Whether it’s a corporate event for guests, a sales incentive or team-building exercise, an activity that is not often thought about is clay-pigeon shooting.

Now, I’m going to take this opportunity to allay some fears. There are some associations with clay pigeon shooting which can be traced to urban myths or just those who don’t fancy it!

  • You don’t need to own your gun
  • Tweed is not essential sartorial material
  • You don’t need a double-barrelled surname (even though I have one!!!)
  • Clays are not living organisms
  • Shooting jackets are not just for armed robbers

With that cleared up, our full or half day of Clay Pigeon shooting does take place on the River Thames. On your own vessel, fully manned and equipped, we can sail you to just beyond the Thames Barrier for some great fun (trying) to shoot some clays. This is a controlled environment, and safety of all passengers, guests and crew is foremost. A full comprehensive safety briefing sets the scene for the day, combined with full insurance peace-of-mind is assured.

So you could have a product presentation, team meeting, board meeting in the morning aboard the vessel and then after lunch, the fun starts.

So in the heart of the world’s leading financial centre, you can be taking aim and destroying the clays in sight! It’s all great fun. By accommodating up to XY numbers of your team, we can ensure flexibility in those being entertained.

Those who suffer from sea-sickness can be assured. With the tidal flow controlled in the area we use, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort.

After the shooting is completed, a leisurely sail follows back down the River Thames where food and refreshments can be served, as everyone relaxes. A final surprise is that Tower Bridge will open especially for your vessel. All the traffic in London waits for you.

London waits for you. Fantastic and its day your guests will remember forever.

The day is built around you and your needs, so please call us on 01442 345031 for more details or email:

Melanie Gibson-Walsh