If I’d only known what to wear….. the essential guide to the Henley Royal Regatta 2015

The Henley Royal Regatta is coming. The quintessentially English, Edwardian event is a pillar on the social scene of the British Summer Season calendar. Across the course of 5-days 100,000+ guests will walk down both river banks on the Thames at Henley watching teams of rowers’ race in front of the enthralled crowds.

The sights are impressive, the weather (with luck) will be fine and the Champagne will be flowing in copious quantities. But the most important question;

What to wear?

For an event dating back to 1839, the rules regarding sartorial elegance date back as far.
Ladies’ hats are customary but not compulsory in the Stewards’ and the surrounding Enclosure. Wearing a hat will ensure you meet with the vogue at the event. Elegance assured.
Flout the hemline rules and not only will you be scorned at, but if your hemline is above the knee, you’ll be directed to the local town where you can select a new skirt. Naturally, the shop keepers will be delighted to take your money. Will it match the rest of your outfit? Toss a coin.

For the gentlemen, they should wear jackets and ties. Most Enclosures are relaxed, smart and casual. The glorious sights of the gentlemen in their multi striped jackets and gregarious ties add to the sense of occasion.

What else you need to know?

The course is just over one mile long, and you can walk most of it (on either side of the river). Unless you have a Stewards Badge means you won’t be able to get into that Enclosure, regardless you’ll still have an epic time.


If you’re taking the train, catch the special services (laid on for the event) from London Paddington via Twyford. You won’t be able to move for stripy blazers and boaters.
If you’re driving, we suggest driving through Marlow – the suggested routes are very congested. They are even worse on a hot summer’s day
Once the action finishes, grab a last beer in the Angel on the Bridge pub or the Red Lion. Or why not go to China White’s dedicated bar along the course – it’s Prince Harry’s favourite spot for a cocktail and a lady!


And finally, if you’re there on Saturday, the end of play fireworks have to be seen to be believed!