Why YouTube isn’t great for inspiration

When you think “clay pigeon shooting”, what immediately comes to mind?

Put “clay pigeon shooting” into YouTube, and you’ll get plenty of videos of people in our green and pleasant land shooting clays. But this doesn’t serve up the variety of locations you can undertake this thrilling sport.

How about on the River Thames? The perfect location for your city based clients who will not have to take the time to travel out of London. Instead they can enjoy shooting clays adjacent to the Thames Barrier.

Yes, traditional clay shooting is hugely popular, thrilling and is superb for all to take part in. You don’t even need to own any tweed. It’s great to inspire the competitive nature in all of us. Superb for days out with friends or how about a corporate function? Dare I mention it, but Christmas is approaching. Why not organise your company meeting on the boat and then some shoot some clays straight after?

The packages are tailored around you and what’s more you can pick and choose what, when and why your event is happening.

After the shooting is completed, a leisurely sail follows back down the River Thames where food and refreshments can be served, as everyone relaxes. A final surprise is that Tower Bridge will open especially for your vessel. All the traffic in London waits for you.

Fantastic and its day your guests will remember forever.

The day is built around you and your needs, so please call us on 01442 345031 for more details or email: hello@olivermyles.co.uk

Melanie Gibson-Walsh