Whilst we bask in our summer; is it really time to think about your Christmas Party? Answer: YES!

We’re in the height of the British summer, there’s currently 170 days to go until Christmas, and surely booking the annual entertainment to celebrate the year that’s just been is at the back of your mind?

Our advice is that it shouldn’t be. There’s a number of reasons why it’s time to put the annual celebration on the agenda.

  • Cost effective. Whilst watching the company finances is absolutely essential, yet leaving organising any event until the last minute can be a false economy. Currently, you’ll have the pick of many locations and increasingly there’s the chance to work towards your budget. Therefore, you’ll be putting round peg in a round hole, rather than desperately scrabbling around trying to find somewhere at the start of December.
  • Engaging and motivating. Organising a party/event to coincide with Christmas is greatly motivational to your workforce. Extras can be added to your event if your company continues to do well.
  • Get connected. A well networked agency – Oliver Myles Events for example – will offer creativity, cost effectiveness and innovation to your Christmas event. Certainly makes a difference to putting your credit card behind the bar and watching the same colleagues get inebriated.
  • Awarding. Start thinking about who’s made a difference this year – it helps your event be remembered even more fondly this time next year.
  • Long-term benefits. Treat your staff well now and they are the ones who will help your business flourish and go the extra mile.

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