What does England’s epic failure at RWC and FIFA World Cup means for entertainment and hospitality?

It has been well chronicled how the England Football Team flopped at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Latterly, that has been compounded by England Rugby getting stage fright at the recently hosted RWC.

Sporting credentials aside, the below average performances of our home teams in our national sports will, before long, have a detrimental effect on entertainment of clients at these sporting occasions. British based businesses want to support the home sides.  If such poor performances continue, clients will definitely look elsewhere. Patriotism only goes so far. There are positive and negatives to that.

From a positive point of view, it means creative events agencies like Oliver Myles Events will be inventive when it comes to offering alternatives as sources of corporate entertainment and “something a bit different”.  Already, we’re talking with our portfolio of clients on their 2016 & 2017 plans, and their preferences are becoming clear.

For an event to be memorable, what they’re witnessing has to be enjoyable that will help memorability. If the team they were watching is offering turgid football or rugby, clients are going to vote with their feet. This is apt for other occasions – sporting or otherwise. If you ask the coaches of our prodigal football or rugby teams, they will say the result and the way they play is more important than fan and guest engagement. It’s where business and sport collide, often at the expense of the paying fan or corporate guest.

On the reverse, if our sporting teams continue to flatter, organisations, sporting organisations (which are increasingly becoming businesses which is cruelly ironic) and other event venues need to increase the value, visibility and opportunity to the businesses looking to entertain.

We enjoy and excel at working with establishments looking to promote themselves to a new audience, and that will never dim – but sometimes it is problematic is helping venues see the bigger picture.

Fortunately, England’s football team next World Cup is in 2018 (if they qualify), yet there are the Euros in France to attend in 2016. After forgetting their lines at hosting the RWC, England will next take on the World’s super powers in the World Cup in Japan. Who knows what will happen?