Are you using your Hospitality wisely?

It has more of a direct relationship with your marketing plan than you previously realised. Guaranteed. 

This is a question asked by our sister company Oliver Myles Marketing and thoughts of the MD Chris Phillips.

It struck me over the weekend how businesses aren’t using hospitality productively. In the end, it’s incredibly simple.

I’ve just spent the weekend at Silverstone; the self-proclaimed Home of the British Grand Prix. I was there working with Ben Davis, a talented racing driver who has worked incredibly hard to raise the cash to go racing. Ben is incidental to my experience, but adds background!

Ben had a number of guests there on Sunday cheering him on. They were all advocates of Ben who clearly wanted to see him do well. However, what if you turned this on its head?

Managing expectations in business is one of the toughest agendas to manage. Clear communication and delivery when you say you’re going to deliver are key; sometimes this lets the relationship down, if something goes awry.

So when considering hospitality, why not think of your audiences:

  • These are customers you have an active, productive and profitable relationship. It’s natural you might want to entertain such keen partners.
  • Thank them for their hard work/set the scene for busy times to come.
  • These potentials might come off; will entertainment be of any relevance?
  • Irritated customers: This is the crux of my argument. Nature dictates that if a customer is irritated so much so that the relationship has broken down, you might want to part ways.

Why? Think positively. Engage them through some hospitality. You’ll take them to a neutral environment, you have time to talk and discuss the reparatory steps you are taking. After all, this is still a “warmer” customer, than chasing a new lead that always takes time to nurture.

I often advocate sponsorship racing teams and/or drivers. Aside from the obvious social media, branding and awareness opportunities, there’s also the content and hospitality opportunities. Through hospitality, you can network, discuss, entertain and involve. It’s a much under used medium.

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