Events should be different, creative and vibrant; here’s why

Dare to be different with your events

When delivering an event, for it to be memorable and to engage your guests, you need be creative, daring and have a clear vision. Cutting corners and not paying attention to detail could render your event meaningless, and often, counterproductive.

At Oliver Myles, we will inspire your audience to ensure your business event is a huge success working to meet all the objectives you’ve set so that your enterprise ensures the fruits of the efforts. We are a boutique events agency for corporate and private clients

Recently, we read in a report published by British Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), they stated that the total amount spent on events in the UK is £39.1bn, with conferences apportioning £19.9bn and exhibitions £11bn. These figures have continued to increase in recent years.

Clearly, businesses are returning to using these powerful engagement techniques to inform, educate and illustrate the power of their brands. The report also stated that organisers are always looking for different venues. Staid hotel conferencing suites do not excite audiences any longer. Organisers are looking for something different, that the audience can immerse themselves in the experience and let the message really be driven home. In most cases, presenters make plenty of effort to ensure their presentations are sharp, only to be let down by a drab hotel suite or similarly uninspiring environment.

We work hard to make sure that you benefit from our connections and knowledge, which means that we know the right doors to knock on to ensure that your event is the best it can possibly be.

We specialise in being creative, offering a kaleidoscope of colour and options that stretch your budget and engage your invited guests, no matter of big or small the audience.

When you commission an event with Oliver Myles our dedicated event professionals will always be on hand ensuring that your event runs smoothly. They will discreetly take care of the details so that all you need to do is take care of your guests. There is so much to love and leave you with total peace of mind.

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