Helping incredible wild animals in captivity

This is a team-building experience with a difference and a meaningful outcome.

Could you imagine having the opportunity to enrich the lives of wild animals living in captivity, helping to give them the best possible life?

We work with an amazing animal charity that does just this.

You can support them and get involved too, in a very practical hands-on way, creating feeders or new pieces of play-furniture for magnificent gorillas, a clan of meerkats, wild tigers or a group of Macaque monkeys.

In this team event you and your colleagues will experience first-hand the challenge of designing and building an “enrichment” item for a chosen group of animals, and then watching as your creation is placed inside their enclosure and explored for the first time.

You and your team will be beaming with pride having made a tangible, positive difference to the physical and mental health of your chosen animals. This is one of those money can’t buy experiences, truly unforgettable and so rewarding. What’s more, for long after the team-building experience, your team can stay connected with their new furry friends and remain involved in their welfare.

“Loved….loved…..LOVED….the task! Building cubes for a Gorilla to play with….not something I ever thought I would do, but very proud to have done it. Getting to see the Gorilla’s play with the end result was just amazing.” Participating manager.

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A virtual team-building animal challenge

NEW FOR 2020

Not able to meet face to face yet?

We have developed a virtual event which enables teams to engage with this cause and concentrate on the design stage of the full live activity. This lends itself perfectly as a “taster” activity, prior to meeting up at a later stage to see their designed feeder or piece of equipment being used in situ by the animals.

This is perfect for teams and groups who know they need to connect, and who wish or need to do so online and with something “different”. It is ideal for any organisation or individuals with a passion for animals and for making their team-building events meaningful and rewarding.

The virtual workshop event lasts 2 hours, during which time everyone is fully briefed on the specific animal and the new behaviour / goal we are working towards. In teams, each with an instructor and in online breakout rooms, colleagues set to work to come up with a practical item which would enable the goal behaviour to be achieved. No previous design or biology expertise is needed! This is about connecting with the goals, thinking about how to solve a problem and triggering a desired outcome, given the information you will be given at the start of the session. Of course, the links to business are numerous and, under your guidance, can be drawn out by the instructors in many ways. The workshop culminates in a “Dragon’s Den” pitch scenario, with each team  tasked to present their design and ideas to the rest of the group, after which the winning design is announced !

What happens next?

How far you take this experience is actually up to you. The charity we work with can develop your team’s winning idea into a 3D design to share with the group as a post-event follow-up/wrap-up. You then have the option of supporting this item further and bringing it to life – of funding the charity to make and test a prototype, before building the item and placing it in situ with the animals. All filmed, of course, for you to experience.

We would then plan a future event for you, located at your chosen zoo or animal sanctuary, for your team to see the results of their work for themselves. Or, even better, your team would meet for an event where they build their winning design and have the amazing experience of creating a real product from scratch.

Whichever next step you chose, seeing the animals interact with something your team has designed is the ultimate reward and will really complete this very special virtual team event.

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