Virtual Pottery Making Masterclass

A creative masterclass that offers a relaxing and fun way of  engaging your team and clients.  There is nothing more satisfying than taking a lump of wet clay in your hands and moulding it into your own creation.

How it works:

Before the masterclass all the guests will receive a kit of everything that they will need to create their own unique masterpiece.

You don’t need an expensive kiln to become a clay master. We use air-dry clay which enables you to sculpt and dry your masterpiece at home.

The clay will dry a lovely natural light grey colour which we personally love, however for that extra sophisticated look you might like to paint your pot white. Included are white paint and brushes.

You can also choose to add a paint set to the kit to complete the work after the class has finished, the acrylic paints work perfectly on the clay.


With the kits sent out in advance all the guests need to do now is log on to the chosen virtual platform where our Master Potter will guide them through.

We will take people who have never experienced pottery before on an accessible and fun tour of the common practices and techniques before diving in and working the clay together to create your first pieces. By the end of the Masterclass, every member would have created 2-3 of their own pieces of various forms and will have plenty of clay left to carry on their pottery exploration after the workshop.

You will also be able to paint your pieces so you can proudly display them at home for all to see.

Typical Masterclass Outline: –

  • Introductions and brief background of Pottery
  • Tour of your pottery kit, introduction to tools and common pottery methodologies –
  • Creating your first piece: Pinch Pot –
  • Creating your second piece: Trinket Dish –
  • Painting and caring for your masterpieces

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours.

Distribution: Pottery kits will be sent via DPD for delivery with 48 hours.

What’s included:

  • Master Potter to lead the demonstration
  • 1 1 ½ hour on-line masterclass
  • Pottery Kit –  Two Packs Premium Air-Dry Clay, Step-By-Step Pottery Guide, Pottery Carving & Shaping Tools & Tool Bag, White Acrylic Paint, Glossy Paint Varnish, Two Paintbrushes, Sandpaper for smoothing
  • Painting Kit – 8 x 22ml Tubes of Premium Coloured Acrylic
  • Next day delivery by DPD of kit.


Number of guests Cost per person + vat
15* £89
20 £79
25 £75
30 £72
40 £69
50 £66
80 £64
100 £62
* Minimum number 15